Les Talk! Girlpond LIVE! Episode 16: Of Witches and Brew feat. Urban Growler Brewer Ladies

November 5, 2016
Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 16: “of Witches and Brew" features Nikki & Paula Scavo talking with Urban Growler Brewer Ladies, Jill Pavlak and Deb Loch, in front of a live audience. The UG Ladies share the story of their journey from the rat-race of Corporate America to the creation of the first woman-owned and woman-brewed microbrewery in Minnesota- The Urban Growler Brewing Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. During the course of the recording it becomes evident that Nikki is truly enjoying UG's delicious Cowbell Cream Ale, bringing out her wilder alter ego "Hot Chocolate". The program includes a brief pre-interview discussion of the issues surrounding the Minnesota Lynx's devastating loss of the 2016 Championship Title to the LA Sparks, Rhonda "Rowdy" Rousey's confirmed December 2016 bout with Amanda Nunesthe wedding of two Italian nuns, and US Presidential race within the context of what feels like the "witchification" of candidate Hillary Clinton and women who support her, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's powerful "You can't be what you can't see" declarationCharlie Hebdo's surviving journalist's rallying cry "I don't have a right to be silent"Syria's First Lady's first TV interview in 8 years
*Special thanks to Quatrefoil Library and Avenues of Homeless Youth LGBTQ programs for joining us.

Les Talk! Girlpond LIVE! Episode 15: “Funny Lady: Sarah McPeck”

October 4, 2016

Les Talk! Girlpond podcast goes live at The Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Episode 15 "Funny Lady" features the amazing, gorgeous, lady-loving comedienne and producer of the recently released film: "Project Q: A Documentary" - Sarah McPeck in front of a live audience. The Scavos open the show with a brief discussion of the Olympics, WNBA, The Voice and the Emmy's before ushering in McPeck. Enjoy McPeck's improv rap with volunteers from the audience, stand-up and chat with the Scavos. Finally, the Scavos debut Girlpond Productions' game - "Name that Chick".


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 14: “Show up for Yourself” feat. Stacy Quast

September 6, 2016

The Scavos talk with the beautiful, enlightened Stacy Quast of Align with Your Truth and her husband John. Stacy is fiercely committed to guiding people to live a more conscious ad connected life of feeling worthy, present and liberated. Clients confidently and authentically move forward fully connected to their purpose and passions. Being a witness to transformational shifts in clients truly makes her heart sing. Stacy is a Mastery Higher Brain Living Facilitator, Intuitive Life Strategist, Soul Contract Astrologer, Reiki & Flower Essence Practitioner and Empowerment Coach. With 10 years of experience working with astrology, healing and consciousness, Stacy is clear and effective guide helping clients to go within, make life changes, and achieve remarkable success.
Stacy holds transformational retreats, intuitive classes, lectures to groups and helps individuals become awakened and aligned to their own truth. Stacy’s mission is to support you in creating a life that radiates your most joy filled, authentic and empowered expression of yourself. Show up for yourself today and contact Stacy at Align with Your Truth

*Note. The Scavos will recording Episode 15: "Funny Lady" feat. Sarah McPeck at The Phoenix Theatre in Minneapolis on September 29th at 7pm. Find out more here.

Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 13: “Leading Ladies” RIP Pat Summitt

July 27, 2016

The Scavos were inspired to create this episode by the sudden passing on June 28, 2016, of head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team from 1974 to 2012 - Patricia Sue "Pat" Summitt.

In this long overdue episode, the Scavos discuss the qualities of real leadership, exhibited by great lady leaders like Coach Pat Summitt, but also ladies within the WNBA, politics and the entertainment industry. They also talk about the women's basketball USA Team heading to Rio for the 2016 Olympics, reigning MVP Elena Delle Donne, using your platform, the Minnesota Lynx's "Change Starts with Us" campaign, WNBA President, Lisa Borders "keep it off-court" statement, first woman nominee for US President, Victoria Woodhull's letter to the editor from prison, suspended President Dilma Rousseff and the "soft" coup in BrazilBlack Lives Matter WNBA t-shirt protestAbsolutely Fabulous - The Movie, and the new Les Talk! segment- Who's in the Hot Tub? Honorable Mentions: Breanna StewartSerena WilliamsAbby Wambach, and Heather "The Heat" Hardy.

Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 12: “Safe Spaces: Berlin, Stonewall & #Orlando”

June 24, 2016

The Scavos' tribute to the victims of the horrific June 12, 2016 shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in #Orlando. An open, messy, round table discussion about the inestimable, and enduring value of "safe spaces" for the LGBTQI community with regard to history: Berlin in the 1930's, Stonewall and #Orlando. We invited our favorite ladies- Jess Z and Smarty to join us for an afternoon in our studio, our safe space, to talk openly about our thoughts and feelings post-Orlando. Of course--more could be said, will be said...but it was already over an hour. Let's turn up the love, stand in our truth and celebrate LGBTQI Pride.


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 11: “Smarty”: Sapphic and Spiritual

May 30, 2016

Join the Scavos in a brief chat about WNBA, and for Memorial Day - a moment of silence for those who have fought and lost their lives in the wars that mar our world's history. The rest of the show is dedicated to an interview with a dear friend of the Scavos', "Smarty", who talks candidly about her struggle to be sapphic and spiritual. Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean.


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 10: Too Sexii

May 18, 2016

Join the Scavos for Les Talk! Episode 10: Too Sexii. What's so sexii about this episode? The ladies celebrate the Minnesota Lynxs' win over the Phoenix Mercury at the home opener on May 14, 2016,  Paula's niece, Sydney Fabian's winning slide clinching the Big Ten Championship for the Minnesota Gopher Softball Team, and finally--the premiere Getting to Know You segment feat. Paula Scavo. Paula talks about buying wedding rings for herself with the money she earned working construction with her father, her shittiest relationship and writing a horror film! Don't miss this "too sexii" epsiode! 


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 9: Playing Catch Up

April 22, 2016

Special Note: After this episode left the studio, we received the shocking & tragic news that our very own Prince had passed away. A lot of dirty dancing was done in gay clubs all over the world to many, many super sexy Prince songs. More importantly, he was a bright, beautful, kind, and authentic (aka "sexy") spirit. He was a well-respected member of the community where he lived not too far from where we are, May his body rest in peace, and may his spirit fly free! Our very gay hearts, are very sad today. 

Episode 9: Playing Catch Up features the Scavos, your favorite Armchair Philospher & Quarterback, briefly fantasizing about a romantic tryst between Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff & Hillary Clinton, pseudo-analyzing James Franco, and not-so-surprised by Coach Jennifer Azzi & Xena Warrior Princess coming out! The ladies cheer for Heather "The Heat" Hardy's latest win @ Barclay Centre in Brooklyn, and the smokin' hot U of MN Gopher Softball Team. Paula discusses the WNBA Draft results and lowering the basket. Nikki touches on the need for more women "behind the camera", Grace's hit "You Don't Own Me" and guess who gets "The Sexy Award"? 
Mea Culpa: When I said Diana Rousseff, I meant Dilma. And when I said "Suicide Attack", I meant "Suicide Squad". 
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Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 8: The Sapphic Vibe

February 15, 2016

In Episode 8 of Les Talk!, the Scavo's are celebrating Valentine's Day and Black History Month. They briefly discuss the "fumble-bumble" Superbowl 50 and can't believe it when Carol Channing stops in to sing a few songs!Then it's on to talk about the film "Carol" and the Sapphic Vibe--namely, when to pick it up and when to "park it like it's hot". Les Fic author Clare Lydon and her No. 1 Bestseller "London Calling" is in the spotlight for the first "Lesbian Story Time", then on to the Oscars 2016. They wrap up with their "Girl Crush" Segment featuring Heather "The Heat" Hardy and Jessica Jones start Krysten Ritter. The Scavo's remind you to support their friends at Y B Urban by visiting their website and buying their soap, lotions, and other amazing products.


Las Talk! Girlpond Episode 7: Practicing Authentic Behaviors for the Holidays w/ Amy the Sexy Psychic

December 19, 2015

The Scavos are home for the holidays and chatting with the sexy, psychic medium, reiki master, healer  Amy Nesdahl of Joyful-Connections about the holidays being an opportunity to practice authentic behaviors. They also talk about Holland Taylor (is Paula really an agist?), Ronda Rousey (Paula "smells a rematch"), and Paula gives her take on the military opening all jobs up to women. Is Paula a leprachaun? Does Amy really wear Bobby Brown slacks? Did Paula date vampires? Amy talks about our "meat suits" and our "soul self". Warning: You may find out you are vibrating at a higher-frequency after listening! Tell us if what you like about this episode and more at The Girlpond. Happy Holidays from the Girlpond! Stay Sexy!