Les Talk! Girlpond - Talking Creative Series: Women in Nature - A Call for Reclamation feat. Lou Lou of Loulure

May 7, 2018

Earth Day and Paula's birthday. On location at Z'Amore, home of The Girlpond Shop & Bookshelf, in NE Minneapolis. Nikki and Paula chat with local queer artist Lou Lou of Loulure, about her art, and the effect of genderization on women and their experience of nature. Find out why Nikki wants to know where Lou's window is, and why Lou admits to "creepin'". They also talk about the art abandonment movement, and her recent move to abstract art - specifically that she is now painting "positive vibrations". Finally, they have a very open discussion about what it means to be queer.


Les Talk! Girlpond: Special “On Location” Episode: Women Who Write! Event

April 16, 2018

Join the Scavos at the annual Women Who Write! Event co-presented by The Quatrefoil Library and Lisa Vicoli, curator of The Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies.

The popular annual get-together of women writers and their fans took place on Sunday, March 18 inside the Elmer L. Anderson Library at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.  

Interviewed authors:
Rachel Gold
M B Panichi
Melanie Hoffert
Catherine Lundoff
Stephanie Maari Booker


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 22/26: Breaking Bad

February 25, 2018

Nikki & Paula are back! Discussing the future possibility of have Paula's mom on the show someday, Hart to Hart and Robert Wagner being a "person of interest" in the death of the very talented, very beautiful Natalie Wood, Winter Olympics- specifically local legend Hannah Brandt, Minnesota Lynx, Mudbound v The Post  -which should win all the Oscars?? Nikki bombs with her story about "The woman who only has sex with ghosts" - Paula thinks that is really gross and is worried that the woman will end up abandoned and lonely. Nikki gives a very good reason for being late for Valentine's Day 2018 dinner, and Nikki admits to crushing on Sandra Locke back in the day. They discuss Paula's powers of persuasion or what Nikki calls "minimalist pouting", what they are watching on TV - Homeland, Motive, Good Behavior - which reminds them of Prime Suspect which starred Helen Mirren - who they concur is timelessly sexy...remember Helen Mirren in Caligula. We are also formally introduced to yours (Shelby), mine (Beatrice) and now...ours - the Scavo's rescue puppy - Prince Harry. 


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 25: FEmn FEST 2017 Sampler

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year, Sapphics & Friendlies! We are back! We needn't tell you...it's been...A YEAR. Right? A bright spot in the midst of a lot of crazy crap - back in September - we had a life changing experience! We attended the inaugural FEmn FEST - a weekend of music, art, films, workshops, education, and most importantly...connection.

Friday night after work, we packed up The Girlpond Shop, and drove up north 2 hours from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Duluth, Minnesota. We had no idea what to expect. All we knew was...we had to be there. In the end, we were welcomed...we were challenged...we were shook...we were enlightened...we were changed. We are thrilled to say we are carrying Adina Burke's poetry books in our shop, and she read poetry at our last Sapphic Night of Hygge & Healing! We are also carrying The Northwoods Witch's "Pocket Potions" in our shop!  We were already familiar with Soul Reflect - and are excited to say she will be the featured performer for our next Sapphic Night of Hygge & Healing coming up this month. All of the women we discovered were amazing...each doing amazing different things. We were fortunate enough to be in a position to grab a few workshop leaders, vendors, performers, and organizers for brief interviews. We wish we could have talked to all the participants, but there was so much going on! Please forgive us if you were not included. Also, we encourage you to visit the FEmn Fest web page and read the mission statement, the different workshop descriptions, etc.
And now...without further ado - we give to you our Femn Fest 2017 Sampler. We  encourage you to take some time and...in the sonorous words of Priscilla Momah: "Listen".*
recorded live and included on this podcast with permission from Priscilla Momah

Interested in learning more about the respective women? Visit our Les Talk! Girlpond blog.


Episode 24: Girlpond Night Live! feat. Jessie Chandler, Mystery & Humorous Caper Author

July 26, 2017

Join the Scavos for a night at the Qautrefoil Library chatting with Minneapolis' very own CELESBIAN Jessie Chandler! She is definitely the whole package ladies! Enjoy listening to Jessie talk about her creative process, read from her latest publication The Evolution of an Art Thief, and find out who her Girl Crush is!
Interested in purchasing Jessie's books? Click here!
The Scavos enjoyed Jessie so much, they are hoping to take her and her peeps out for dinner to discuss future projects! Wait for it!

Notable organizations mentioned by Jessie:
Sisters in Crime
Golden Crown Literary Society 
It Gets Better


Episode 23: Girlpond Night Live! feat. Queer Treehouse Press

June 20, 2017

Join the Scavos live at the Quatrefoil Library in Minneapolis, Minnesota for an open and honest discussion with Dae Akre-Fens and Celina Berndt, co-founders, of Queer Treehouse Press, described on their Tumblr page as "a collective of activists, anarchists, feminists, scholars, queers, and more dedicated to the pursuit of radical knowledge". Topics covered include Lyndsay Whalen being declared the new winningest player  in WNBA history, and Paula putting Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright in the GP
​"hot tub"; the Scavos learn the inspiration for the QTHP and co-founder's future dreams; everyone gets a better understanding of what it means to be "queer" (Paula wants to know if she is "queer"), and how polyamory fits into Dae and Celina's respective trajectories. Finally, we take a moment to acknowledge the devastating verdict, announced today, in the Philando Castille case, acquitting former officer Yanez of all charges.


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 21: Wonder Women & Bad Asses (Pt 1)

June 7, 2017

Join the Scavos for pt 1 of a spirited discussion about wonder women and bad asses. Discussion focuses on women directors including Patty Jenkins, April Mullen, Sophia Coppola; and the MN Lynx's Sylvia Fowles, Plenetta Pierson and Coach Cheryl Reeve. Honorable mentions: Serena Williams, Diana Taurasi, and Heather "The Heat" Hardy. Pt 2 will be available in July - where they will discuss wonder women and bad asses in politics & history - including a few bad ass women ghosts. 


Les Talk! Girlpond Episode 20: The Disappearing L & #Oscars2017 chat w/ Slamsister Designs

March 5, 2017

Join the Scavos and the very sexy, savvy UK ladies of Slamsister Designs - Emma & Sandy - in their very first and very candid conversation together. They discuss the first run of their joint creation "The Girl on Girl Game Show""the disappearing L" and the #Oscars2017. ​


Les Talk! Girlpond : Debriefing after Girl on GIrl Game Show Premiere

February 20, 2017

Nikki & Paula debrief briefly after the premiere of their original collaboration with UK's Slamsister Designs - the first lesbian/queer game show - The Girl on Girl Game Show. They decided that Slamsisters - Emma & Sandy will be their next podcast guests via Skype. Nikki & Paula are hoping to have some juicy post-Oscar talk & talk about some of their favorit UK shows featuring strong, authentic women like Prime Suspect, Absolutely Fabulous, Happy Valley and The Crown.


Episode 19: Girlpond Night Live! “This Work of Cuddling” with Kat “The Cuddlist”

February 1, 2017

When the Scavos signed up to talk with Kat - a local "cuddlist", they had no idea what to expect. Kat, who has been on a "sacred sexual journey" for a number of years. refers to her cuddlist practice as "this work of cuddling". Paula beings by admitting that she believes it would be "easier" for her to be spanked, than to be spanked. Kat suggests cuddling might be more intimate, than spanking. Kat shares that cuddling teaches us how to feel into our body and know what we want and what we don't want. In a nod to her guru, Betty Martin, Kat challenges us to acknowledge the painful, yet enlightening truth that we have become accustomed to tolerating what we think other people want.  When asked what public figure Kat believes needs a good cuddle - without hesitation - she exclaims - "Trump!". Learn about permission vs. consent, boundaries - not just what is not ok, but what is ok, the three-minute game, how to practice hearing or saying "no", and more! Paula gets real and talks about how she feels "trapped", and how she would prefer seeing a cuddlist vs a therapist. Who knew that cuddling could help us in our effort to be more authentic? Recorded live at The Quatrefoil Library in Minneapolis, Minnesota.