Girlpond Night Live! Episode 19: “This Work of Cuddling” with Kat “The Cuddlist”

February 1, 2017

When the Scavos signed up to talk with Kat - a local "cuddlist", they had no idea what to expect. Kat, who has been on a "sacred sexual journey" for a number of years. refers to her cuddlist practice as "this work of cuddling". Paula beings by admitting that she believes it would be "easier" for her to be spanked, than to be spanked. Kat suggests cuddling might be more intimate, than spanking. Kat shares that cuddling teaches us how to feel into our body and know what we want and what we don't want. In a nod to her guru, Betty Martin, Kat challenges us to acknowledge the painful, yet enlightening truth that we have become accustomed to tolerating what we think other people want.  When asked what public figure Kat believes needs a good cuddle - without hesitation - she exclaims - "Trump!". Learn about permission vs. consent, boundaries - not just what is not ok, but what is ok, the three-minute game, how to practice hearing or saying "no", and more! Paula gets real and talks about how she feels "trapped", and how she would prefer seeing a cuddlist vs a therapist. Who knew that cuddling could help us in our effort to be more authentic? Recorded live at The Quatrefoil Library in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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