Episode 23: Girlpond Night Live! feat. Queer Treehouse Press

June 20, 2017

Join the Scavos live at the Quatrefoil Library in Minneapolis, Minnesota for an open and honest discussion with Dae Akre-Fens and Celina Berndt, co-founders, of Queer Treehouse Press, described on their Tumblr page as "a collective of activists, anarchists, feminists, scholars, queers, and more dedicated to the pursuit of radical knowledge". Topics covered include Lyndsay Whalen being declared the new winningest player  in WNBA history, and Paula putting Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright in the GP
​"hot tub"; the Scavos learn the inspiration for the QTHP and co-founder's future dreams; everyone gets a better understanding of what it means to be "queer" (Paula wants to know if she is "queer"), and how polyamory fits into Dae and Celina's respective trajectories. Finally, we take a moment to acknowledge the devastating verdict, announced today, in the Philando Castille case, acquitting former officer Yanez of all charges.


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